7 months together, yay!

I wanted to go out for a cigarette. My request was denied. I whined, he made it clear that I should stop whining right now. So couple of minutes later…

Him: “I have not had coffee for a while.”
Me: /trying to be cute/ “You know what I have not done for a while?”
Him: “Yeah, shut up?!”

Lmao… That is very true.

I love you, baby (L)

I’m drunk

Hey! I have not written here anything for a while. Working a lot… Doing things, you know. Today is wine-Wednesday. So… Cheers… I love me drunk, mainly because I cannot remember the horrible things I have done later, lmao.

I have not told you about this weird thing from my past. I do not mean me going out with my ex gf’s ex before I went out with her… But something else… Before me and my last ex met officially, she knew me like a year before that. I was editor for the largest LGBT+ online news portal/dating site in my country… so I was known… When I showed up in our local bar – people looked and whispered – “is that her?!?”. I did not know of my third ex yet – because, at the time, I was with my second ex, right… But my last ex had been following me at the bar for months. Looking from far away. She told me later that for about 6 months before we met officially, I was out every weekend – drinking and partying with my friends. And she told me I always cried. Every. Single. Time. When it was at the end of the night. I was miserable. I was crying, because I did not sleep and I was unhappy. Trapped in situation I did not know how to get out from. Little did she know I was back at that very same place 8 years later with her. Crying. Every night. Trying to figure out the way out.

I hate being emotional and crying… I think I went 8 years without crying – so the beginning of that relationship. Then spent 3 years – crying so much my eyes are still red and very sensitive to this day.

With you, I have cried a lot so far. I do not cry, usually, at all… At least at the beginnings… So what is up with that? Does that mean we do things in reverse? I cry now and it only will be blue skies and smooth sailing from now on until forever?

I love you, baby!

PS! I do not mind crying during play (In Real Life). In fact, I want to cry. Otherwise I feel that “it does not count”.


Okay, I know… These are not really the questions you ever ask or would ask. But this would be hypothetical conversation… IF you would ask, what I’d answer. I’ll save this link, so I can send it to you when needed 😉

Q: Do you want to have sex?
A: Yes.
Q: But you are tired/on your period/ have a headache?
A: Don’t care. I still want to have sex.
Q: But you are sleeping?
A: Don’t care, wake me up.
Q: But you only slept for 5 minutes and have to wake up in an hour.
A: Don’t care, wake me up.
Q: But you said, you wanted to sleep?
A: Don’t care, wake me up.

Q: Do you want to have sex?
A: Yes.
Q: But we just had sex 10 minutes ago?
A: Don’t care, let’s do it again!
Q: But you said that you are exhausted?
A: I’m not. Let’s do it again!
Q: Are you tired/sleepy?
A: Don’t care. Let’s do it again!

Q: Do you want to have sex?
A: Yes.
Q: But /insert something sad that just happed to me/?
A: Don’t care, still want to do it.
Q: But you are crying?
A: Don’t care, still want to do it.

Q: Do you want to have sex?
A: No.
Q: Really?
A: No, I lied. Let’s do it.

Q: How long foreplay do you need?
A: Depends how fast you say “Shut up and get on the bed”?

Q: How do I know if you are “in the mood”?
A: Am I breathing? Then I’m in the mood.
Q: You do not seem in the mood?
A: Trust me, I am. Just playing hard to get…

Q: Sometimes you do not go along with it?
A: It’s because I can be slow at times. Hinting may not work, concrete communication always will.

Q: Maybe it’s not good time for sex?
A: It is.

Q: Are you horny?
A: Yes.

Where’s the difference?

I found this video in TikTok days ago and I just cannot stop watching it. He has a point… Because… “Where IS the difference, sis?”… And he is so f* hot. And she is fierce… Honestly, I would go out with either or both of them 😀

I’ll be forever fighting for marriage equality and for stopping all discrimination towards LGBTQ+ community. As a pansexual I am very much part of this. And even if I wasn’t, I’d like to believe I would still think/feel/act the same…

Much love to all! And drag queen (and king!!!!) shows are so awesome ❤